Take the Shilling

Two views of an original 1758 English Shilling typical of those offered to new recruits as "bounty money" to entice them to join the British Army. Soldiers received eight pence per day, so the shilling, at a value of 12 pence, was equal to one-and-a-half days wages.

In the 18th century, recruiting parties scoured the countryside looking for qualified recruits. A potential recruit had to be five feet, six inches tall, a protestant and between 17 and 25 years of age--though recruits of up to 35 years of age were accepted if they met the preceding criteria or had prior military experience.

Our recreated 55th of Foot is always looking to recruit interested individuals as well. All you need are a passion for history, a desire to do a top-notch impression and a willingness to conform to our articles of agreement. Please contact the members closest to you for more information (see below).

It is our intention that the 55th be an active organization, not limited to NWTA activities. It exists to learn and to teach. Members are encouraged to take their 55th impressions outside of NWTA activities to teach and set an example of high standards in reenacting. Browse through our Image Gallery for a look at the kinds of events the 55th participates in.

The 55th currently has members in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. For more information on joining the 55th, please contact our recruiting officer, Sean Reeves, or unit commander Mark Tully.

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Interested in joining a group that re-enacts the 55th Regiment during the French and Indian War? Contact Nick Hoffman

Interested in joining a group that re-enacts the 55th Regiment during the Great War, 1914-1918? Contact Shawn Roberts

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