The 55th Regiment -- Recreated

Part of the 55th at Williamsburg with our friends the The 33rd Regiment of Foot in 1998.
The 55th Regiment of Foot, Captain Trevor's Company has been recreated as a unit of the Northwest Territory Alliance. The unit was formed in 1993 by Ralph Briggs and Mark Tully and was originally conceived as an alternate impression of the 6th Virginia Regiment, a Continental unit in the NWTA. Strong interest from other individuals convinced us to apply for full-member unit status and over the winter of 1993-94 we managed to complete most of our research and put together a basic "kit". The 55th officially filed for membership in the NWTA in March of 1994 and the unit first took the field with Steve Baule, Ralph and Mary Briggs, Rick Holmes, Paul and Gail Maher, and Mark Tully and Karen Sorkness as it's charter members at Vincennes, Indiana on May 28, 1994. The unit gained full-member status in 1995 and currently has over one dozen members from Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin.

The 55th is very active in the American Revolution re-enacting movement. We attend many NWTA events plus one or two "long-haul" eastern events per season (see image gallery).

The 55th also makes itself available for a variety of historical events and celebrations throughout the midwest. Our "road show" varies in content depending on the number of participants and the size of our audience, but usually involves demonstrations of 18th-century military drill and manuevers, military camp life and a variety of hands-on activities.

The 55th currently has members in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. For more information on joining the 55th, please click on the state that is closest to you, or contact our unit commander Mark Tully.

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