General Returns -- 55th Regiment of Foot
Commanded by Lieutenant General
[William] Gansell,
Reviewed at Dublin, 11th May 1774 by Major General Gisborne

(The following is from the review of several regiments in Dublin, Ireland, on May 14, 1774, WO 27/32, Public Records Office, Kew).

Plan of the Review of the six Battalions of Infantry which composed the Garrison of Dublin.

The six Battalions were formed in one line viz. 22nd; 54th; 62nd; 63d; 55th; 42nd; With 4 pieces of Cannon on each flank. They received & saluted the General as he passed along the lines. Performed the Manual Exercise and General salute. Wheel'd by Grand Divisions. Marched by the General & saluted. Formed in two lines -- 150 Paces distant from each other viz. last Line 22nd; 63d; 55th -- 2nd Line 54th; 63d; 42nd With two pieces of cannon of the flanks of each Line.

They had a small wood in their front, behind which the 18th Dragoons were posted to act as the Enemy's Cavalry; whose infantry were supposed to be posted in the front of the wood. The lines advanced very slow and the Cannon of the first line having fired some time its Light Infantry were detached to Skirmish in the front. On their recoiling, the Grenadiers were pushed forward to support them; and firing by Companies sustained the Attack till the Line came up. The line still advanced firing last by Companies & afterwards by double Companies. The Cannon advancing & firing with the line & the 2nd line preserving its distance. The last line retreated; on which the Cavalry came out from the wood, in order to attack it as often as they Approached. The Line Faced, firing by Single Companies & by double Companies [meaning that, as the line retired, they periodically faced about and fired on the cavalry]. The Cavalry were Checked but still hung on their rear which being now ready to be drove upon the 2nd Line the Right hand Companies of the 2nd Line sprung for ward about 12 paces which afforded an opening through which the last line (each Company facing to the right) passed in an instant & formed in the rear of the 2nd line, whose left hand Companies sprung forward & closed the line - And then the 2nd line Performed the same firings advancing that the last line did. It then retreated and after firing a round or two in good order it fell into confusion and was drove Pell Mell by the Cavalry upon the Rear line - on sight of which the Right hand Companies of that line sprung forward briskly about 12 paces and the left hand Companys with the same Celerity, doubled upon the right hand Companys, by which there were large intervals for the Runaways to pass through; and by being six deep they were in less danger of being broke by the Cavalry, upon whom as soon as the broken Line had passed through, they fired very briskly and beat them off. The last line instantly formed and the lines advanced. The first line attacked again, Firing by double Companies, by wings [four companies], and by battalions. The enemy were beat into the wood and the Grenadiers and Light Infantry of both Lines sent to persue & the 62nd Regt. to Support them. The Grenadiers & Light Infantry advanced into the wood & kept up a constant fire there. They were beat out, and joined the 62nd Regt. And retreated along with it firing by double Companies, till seeing the Cavalry ready to attack them, they threw themselves into Column & Retreated briskly. Skirmishing parties of the Cavalry were detached to impede their retreat, who surrounded the Column; but were dispersed by the fire of 4 Companies who had formed on the Angles of the Column, which continued its retreat without halting. The whole Cavalry advanced and surrounded the Column and Prepared to charge it on all sides. The column halted and dispersed them by an uninterrupted fire from the 4 sides. The Cavalry Rallied and forming into 4 columns made one home push on the 4 sides of the column at once. A general discharge from the whole column dispersed them entirely and finished these at tacks. The Column was reduced, and the Six Regiments formed into one line again -- 6 companies of Grenadiers being on the right, and 6 Companies of Light Infantry on the left & 2 Squadrons of Cavalry now making part of the same Army, being posted about 60 paces in the rear of each flank. The Enemy was supposed to be drawn up on a plain in a Line in front. The line advanced slowly and the light infantry were sent forward to Skirmish, and Sustained by the Grenadiers. During the Skirmish two small columns were imperceptibly formed in the line, by the four right hand companies of the r[igh]t. hand center battalion /62/ and the 4 left hand companies of the left hand center battalion /63/ doubling upon each other in their respective Regiments, the line closing to the Center. The line coming up and the Grenadiers and Light Infantry having regained their posts on the flanks, the line fired four times by battalions advancing with great rapidity between each fire, the heads of the Columns firing with their respective regiments and the artillery keeping a constant fire along with the line. Whilst Advancing after the third fire the Grenadiers and Light Infantry imperceptibly formed two Columns by which means there were four columns in the Line, whose heads dressing with the line were hardly to be discovered. After the last fire (Which is supposed to be given in the very teeth of the Enemy) the line rushed forward with their Bayonets; and the weight of the columns having broke the Enemy's line they were defeated and pursued by the Columns. And the Cavalry immediately Advancing from the flanks scoured the front and compleated their rout. The Line being formed again, Per formed a running fire of 2 rounds, the Artillery firing at the same time.

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